Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Green Day!

I'm a few days late for my St. Patty's Day post - it's one of my favorite days of the year for a few reasons.  I love the color green so it's a perfect day. And we were married on St. Patrick's Day - it was super rad. I wore a green dress and I asked that everyone have some green on as well.

So... a few weeks ago a friend from work sent me a link to a Guinness Chocolate cake from a blog and asked if I'd make it for St. Patrick's Day... Some others at work agreed with his suggestion. So I said I would do it.  Any excuse to bake!

I've haven't made a lot of 2 layer cakes (it's usually cupcakes) so this was a little bit of a challenge as the last time I tried a 2 layer, the layers were totally uneven and kind of a mess.

But this time I think it worked pretty well. Monday night I baked the cakes and I also did a crumb coat. And then covered it and put it in the fridge overnight.  This is was the best thing! No wonder I had so much trouble last time. It was so much easier to frost the cake on Tuesday morning.

I was so in the zone Monday night baking I forgot to take photos of my steps and crumb coat... Next time I would definitely add a little more frosting between the layers.  I wasn't sure how much I would need the next day so I was a little conservative.

I'm always a little nervous to share a recipe that I've never made before.  But this one was so good!  The Bailey's frosting was my favorite out of the whole thing.  I found a shamrock cookie cutter and made a little shamrock out of green for decoration.

Hope you had a fantastic Green Day!

Guinness Chocolate Cake
with Bailey's Irish Cream Frosting

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