Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pro Pastry Class Completed!

We finally had our rescheduled last pastry class the other week.  It was so nice to be back in the Gourmandise kitchen and everyone again.  I truly had missed going to class every Sunday morning.

Our final class was all about cake baking & decorating.  I chose the Carrot flavor to make my layer cake and the chocolate recipe for the cupcakes.

This recipe was by far my favorite carrot cake I've ever had!

Decorating is the one thing about baking that doesn't come naturally. And trying to frost a still warm cake doesn't make it any easier. :) But it tasted amazing!!

The Chocolate cupcakes were really good as well.  We made Italian Butter creme frosting to practice our decorating skills.  

It took a few tries but I finally started getting the hang of making the rose on top.

This was a fun one that someone did in class!

I had the absolute best time taking this Pastry Class. I learned some brand new skills. I learned some new tricks to old skills. And I absolutely loved baking around a group of people who like to bake too.

Pro Pastry 1 Class of Spring 2015
at Gourmandise School in Santa Monica