Monday, February 16, 2015

Sweet Treats for Everyone!

This past week was filled with sweet treats and fun!

Some good friends of ours were married Friday the 13th! I got to be part of a wonderful bachelorette cocktail party for the bride to be & brought brownies.  I used the brownie recipe from class.  They were a hit at the party! :)

Chocolate Overload Brownies!

For our Pastry Class homework this week, we were to make a pie crust.  I made Apple Pie and it was perfect since Saturday was Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day Apple Pie

Can you say flaky crust?

This Week in Pastry Class we made some Fruit Based Desserts. They were all delicious but I think my heart belongs to the cobbler!

apple tart tatin before...

apple tart tatin after ....

zucchini bread (we added strawberry jam) 
to the mix

So I have to admit - Babe didn't really like the apple tart tatin BUT I thought it was delicious.  Though he did like the Zucchini bread more than I did.  It was good, but was missing something.

Of course both of these pale in comparison to the days winner which was a Strawberry Blueberry Cobbler with Biscuit topping.  This was Ah-MAZE-ING!  

Strawberry Blueberry Cobbler
with Biscuit Topping

And last but not least we actually got President's day off (this is something because we rarely get holidays). So I promised I would recreate the eclairs from last week.

I think my dough was better today.  It was definitely a little thicker than last week's and easier to pipe. So i think the shapes of my eclairs were much better.

Pate a Choux in the beginning...

Pate a Choux 

I made Chocolate Earl Grey tea infused pastry cream that I think is my best batch yet.
 One tea bag of chocolate earl grey tea 
while the milk begins to simmer

Stirring the cream till it thickens

Once the dough has been baked and cooled. Which sort of worked. The bottom rack was a little burnt on the right side but that's the oven is hotter on that side.

Eclairs are cooling

The chocolate ganache recipe came from my new Tartine cook book from the Eclair recipe for the book.

Put all 3 of these together and it is bliss if I do say so myself!

filling the eclair with pastry cream


Eclairs close up

chocolate earl grey tea infused pastry cream eclair 
with chocolate ganache

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