Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pumpkin Spice with Grandma Fran's Penuche Frosting

So, overall I think the pumpkin spice & penuche frosting cupcakes turned out well.  While making the batch last night I lost track of how many cups of flour I had added but was crossing my fingers that I was still okay. Turns out that my taste-testers said 'mmmmm' on the first bite but after some questions about the cupcakes. They all agreed that they seemed a tad on the dry side. Which, now i know I added 1 cup flour too many. 

Because of the additional flour, I think that's why they didn't seem as pumpkin flavored as I was hoping. The flavor was still there but a little subdued. But they did say that it felt like a cupcake and not like a muffin as I was worried about.

On the plus side - they all really seemed to enjoy the Penuche Frosting which they said had more of a maple flavor to them. Today's taste-testers also seemed to like that the frosting was an unusual pairing with pumpkin instead of the same old cream cheese frosting.

I'm going to try the batch one more time tonight and possibly just try the pumpkin brown-butter just to see which one people prefer tomorrow.

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