Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cupcake Camp LA flavors have been decided!

Okay, so finally a with only 1 week to go I have finally decided on which cupcake flavors I'm bringing. I tried two more flavors this weekend for a little Sunday afternoon party I was going to.  I got a lot of good feedback from the guests and am so glad that everyone was enjoying my cupcakes. Plus a few of the guests were asking about the cupcake camp so it was so much fun talking about making cupcakes for charity. I can't wait till Saturday.

The first cupcake I made was the Honey Bee Cupcakes from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book. I researched types of honey all week long with not much luck for which honey is best to bake with. I also find it interesting that it seems to be the only ingredient that Martha doesn't specify a brand or flavor. So, in the end, I ended up using just a plain organic honey. I made vanilla buttercream frosting and tinted it so it would be bright yellow.  I tried to make the marzipan bees. Which were fairly simple, but you need to do the yellow marzipan no where near the black as no matter how many times I washed my hands and wiped my work area, the yellow marzipan were a tinge black. But they were kinda cute.

The second flavor I decided to make last night at about midnight. It's a recipe that a friend from work had given me a while ago. Her grandmother's recipe for Red Devils Chocolate cake. These were absolutely delish! Butterscotch frosting was listed to be used in the recipe but I didn't have the evaporated milk (though after reading the recipe it seems very similar to the Penuche Frosting that I got from my own Grandmother). So today I just made Chocolate frosting from the Nestle's Unsweetened cocoa box.  It was pretty good and complimented the cupcakes. 

So, these are the 2 flavors, i might try having both the chocolate frosting and the butterscotch frosting for the camp.  Plus, the theme of the Cupcake Camp is "LA", so I've got a few ideas brewing about how to make these cupcakes more "LA" themed.

Now I just hope that the cupcake tree I ordered comes in time. I wanted to be crafty and just make my own but with having to make the cupcakes and decorative items, I figured that just ordering the cardboard stand would be easier and help ease some of the stress.

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