Monday, October 25, 2010

Just too cool not to share

So, as you know I've signed up for the Cupcake Camp LA and today I saw that I am now on the website list of bakers. There is a little "bio" about me. When registering, you had the opportunity to answer some questions and they would post in a blog for you. So of course the Leo in me had to answer the questions.  

I've got to say, it is so awesome to see my name on the Cupcake Camp website. 

Also did a little baking this weekend for a friend's birthday party.  Chocolate-Spice cupcakes dipped in chocolate ganache. With one special "Princess" cupcake (Ariel) as requested from her hubby.  I had success with the first batch of buttercream frosting for decorating. I think I've finally figured out the key to buttercream.  Frosting really is the hardest part for me.

Still need to do a batch of the pumpkin brown-butter cupcakes... Cupcake Camp is coming up fast!

Link to my little burb;)

Link to the main Cupcake Camp LA page


  1. Just found your blog from cupcake camp. Congrats on your win at the Cupcakes for Cancer. That's awesome.
    I'm contemplating participating in the cupcake camp but am a little intimidated.
    Maybe, I'll just taste. :)

  2. Hi All Things Yummy - Thanks for posting! I had similar feelings before signing up for the Santa Barbara camp. You should definitely sign up for the Cupcake Camp LA. It is so much fun. Hope to see you there!