Saturday, July 24, 2010

only 1 more day!

So, the weekend has finally arrived. I am so excited for tomorrow. The chocolate cupcakes have been made, baked and are cooling as I type.  We did a taste test and they taste pretty good. I even got a "maybe even better than last time..."  There is a lot to get done tomorrow morning, but I've written all the steps out and have time frames... Things should be fairly smooth to finish the caramel and frosting.  It's the traffic to SB that is going to determine things!

The display is ready too. I finished sewing the table cloth this morning. The new sewing machine is pretty cool. It had a program that matched the design on the fabric perfectly. The crochet cupcakes are going to be so cute next to the real ones. Eva and Mychau are my heroes for their help in creating those little guys.

Till we meet again!

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