Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Today is the 4th of July, one of my favorite holidays ... mostly because my birthday is exactly 1 month from today!! Meanwhile....

Looked at a fabric store yesterday to get an idea for making a table cloth for the Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara table display.  We found a great light green square check pattern. Right now, that is the front runner. Still want to check some other fabric stores for more ideas.

I decided to practice the strawberry cupcakes with some new frosting tests.  I was planning on the strawberry cupcakes for the Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara but I am a little nervous that the strawberries won't be very good. Even this weeks options for berries were pretty picked over and not as sweet and juicy as a couple of weeks ago.  I'm starting to come up with some backup ideas for the cupcake event.

The strawberry cupcake was still good, but you definitely need the large sweet berries for best cake taste.  Scott requested the chocolate ganache for one of the frostings. While the ganache is good, the cake is good but together the ganache was just a little too heavy. Maybe if the strawberry had been a little sweeter it would've worked better.

The other frosting was a champagne butter cream.  For this I just did a google search and read a couple of different recipes and then sort of came up with my own measurements.  The champagne taste was very light and I added just a dash of vanilla. This frosting matched the cake much better.

This time we remembered to take pictures during all the stages....

Happy 4th of July Strawberry delights!

mixing the cake batter

in go the strawberries

strawberries gently folded in

fresh out of the oven

chopping the chocolate

cream & light corn syrup simmered mixture 
slowly poured onto chopped chocolate

mixing the chocolate and cream mixture

chocolate ganache

introducing strawberry delights with 
chocolate ganache


presenting strawberry delights
with champagne buttercream frosting

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